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An Idea...

The idea of Five-Eau is rooted in our love of the water and travel. Growing up on the Great Lakes, working on the shores of Lake Erie, and living on the West Coast, inspired founder Lucy Rizzetto, and daughter Keiran, to create Five-Eau.
Five-Eau aims to be representative of  those who appreciate water, adventure and travel. Water sports and recreation, enjoying time spent at the cottage, going for a hike or just finding your center at the waters edge, and critical to survival, water connects us all.
Representing the vast numbers of Canadian lakes, with a home base on the Great Lakes, we believe at Five-Eau that water is elemental to our being. From meeting our basic needs for survival, to treasured memories and travel adventures, our world and all people are connected by water.

What We Stand For

We believe in connections.
Our connections with the water, connections with our environment and most importantly, connections with others. We believe there is space for everyone who wants to take a risk, chase a dream and explore what's possible and we are committed to using the continuing support we've received to give others a hand up. We continue to curate a space for our five-eau collective artists, and support our community and youth the Village and Station14 projects. 100% of proceeds from these projects go to the Children's Treatment Center Foundation, the Erieau Community Association to support the Accessible Beach Playground, and Chatham-Kent Station 14 Fire Dept to support their community initiatives. 
'It takes a Village' ❤

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Our Core Beliefs

We love the water, being on the water, near the water, and in the water, and aim to connect with anyone who feels the same. 
Water connects us all.
Our ‘core-four’ values are simple.
Connection, Community, Opportunity, & Integrity