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Gratitude in the Eau

Originally, I had planned on writing our next blog post about all the different connections the individuals in our family have to water throughout Canada and how Five-Eau has become a way to represent those connections and hopefully provide a means for others to identify .....but those thoughts are still bouncing around. 

Today we had a few extra minutes to reflect on our adventure so far while hanging out at the Pinery Market’s last show of the season. Though it was a little brisk, the sun was shining, and we had the anticipation of a great Thanksgiving dinner with family in the hours to come.  We watched the many, many folks milling about the market and it reminded me of Erieau during Art on the Boulevard.  A significantly colder version but still. Which brings me to this - Lakeside communities are the best communities!  We love Grand Bend but we don't have the same connections and memories there that we do to Erieau.  We really do want Five-Eau to be meaningful to others in whatever way it makes them happy, whether it is Erieau or Lake Erie, the Great Lakes or some perfect spot anywhere in the world that brings them joy. For us as a family though Erieau is the place of so many of our special memories. 

Thanksgiving weekend is the perfect time to take a moment and recognize that there are so many amazing people that help make Erieau such a special place.  As a new entrepreneur Keiran has quickly learned through so much positive feedback just how much a community can mean to people, especially one where so many are able to spend time with family making summer memories.  We thought that giving a bit of a shout out to some of those people and businesses that contribute to making Erieau the special place that it is would be a great way to show gratitude today.  Keiran and I chatted and compiled a list of a number of groups/businesses that we hope you will visit or support in the future if you haven't already.  Of course this isn't an exhaustive list - and this is written sitting in a lawn chair with limited internet access - so if you would like to see some one added please share some information with me. If you see something that is inaccurate or you see your own name/business and would prefer to be omitted please let us know that as well - respectfully we don't wish to draw attention to anyone who would prefer not to be included here. The pictures seen here are posted in the public domain associated with the business and are not our photos. Also, folks to so much in so many ways it is possible that we are unclear of the whole picture.  The blog is a live document I can edit so feel free to contact us with new info, corrections or requests. 

Much Love ❤


The Erieau Community Association  (Erieau Partnership Association) is one of those key contributors that have a hand in making Erieau such a first-class destination.  Over the years they have done so much for the village.  Notably, they developed Art on the Boulevard into an event that fills the boulevard with folks from far and wide coming to enjoy a day in the village.  Additionally, the group supports the community through various special events, activities and volunteer community service initiatives throughout the year.  They have also accomplished the tremendous task of facilitating the fundraising, planning and development of an outstanding accessible playground to increase the opportunities for all to enjoy the beauty of the village and some time at the beach.  There are some incredibly dedicated people in this group who won't get mentioned individually - because how do you profile them all - but they certainly deserve it - such a great crew!


The Erieau Fire Department Association is another group of volunteers who do so much more for the community than just keep us safe (which is already a really big deal!) Fireworks, events for the kids, this group is more than just your standard firehouse! ❤

The number one grocery store in town, the Erieau Eau Buoy, has saved us many a time when we were in need of more snacks and goodies to entertain guests, or searching for household staples we need, yesterday.  They are up with the sun to make sure the many early fishermen have the bait they need for a great day on the water and manage to pack a whole lot of other items from necessities to novelties into the shop at the main intersection.  Most recently, the Eau Buoy has started to stock our Five-Eau t-shirts and we couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity to make these available in Erieau every day.  

If you are lucky enough to wake up in Erieau you can be sure to find a warm breakfast and a friendly crowd of locals at The Galley (and conveniently under the same roof as the Eau Buoy!)  Oh do we miss our Friday nights with CC&R and other talented musicians who brought that little patio to life in years gone by! Friday evening drinks seem to have turned into Sunday morning coffee but the crowd is still generally the same and the still great conversation from the Circle of Wisdom (at least according to Brian – the rest of us are not getting up that early!)

The Pickerings are fantastic hosts and have created an awesome community at South Side Landing Marina and RV Park.  Incredibly clean facilities, friendly neighbours and great sites whether they are long term, short term campsites or dock slips.   It’s the kind of place you need to get your name into early because everyone wants to come back and they fill up just as fast as they can develop new sites.


Molly and OJs Restaurant and The Sandbar Pub are two parts of the Erieau great food and drink trifecta.  It is unlikely you haven’t heard of this cornerstone of Erieau if you’ve ever visited the village.  If you haven’t stayed for a meal of fresh pickerel or perch you’ve missed maybe the most essential Erieau experience there is! Check out their website for some great history about the restaurant and one of the founding families of the village.  Now owned by Tom and Sandra Vidler you will still always be met with amazing hospitality and served the best fish you’ll find.  Friday night supper at the Sandbar is our favourite end of the week treat and has become our go to when we want it to feel just a little bit like summer again. They of course have cabin rentals too! 

Beer and pizza are the perfect addition to complete the trifecta and Bayside Brewing Co and the Brew Pub is killin’ it in both departments.  Woodfired pizza and nachos (and a ton of other great menu items) guarantee a great meal and Bayside is almost always packed.  They have a fabulous selection of beers brewed inhouse that have become so popular you can find them in local bars, the grocery stores (Sobey’s Chatham) and the LCBO! They make fantastic small batch brews you can only get based on local seasons and it is worth your time to try their Wild Cherry Lager or Pumpkin Ale. 

Since I feel like I can really add whoever I want here I want to be sure to give a nod to Sons of Kent too.  I think all of Erieau is proud to have such great representation in this awesome group. It is super cool to have so much access to awesome locally developed and brewed products in Chatham-Kent and run by entrepreneurs who are so supportive of each other. We're doing our part to keep them all in the koozie rotation 😉

Bayview Bliss Cabins – if you want to stay in Erieau to fish you need to check out the sweet cabins at Bayview Bliss. Marg and Jeff Bliss have a prime location for you to access Rondeau Bay or sit up at the break for a pristine view of the lake.  boat and canoe rentals are available.  Seriously, this is my dream location, views of the bay and the lake!  You know you’ve arrived in Erieau when you pass the cute white cabins! 

Erieau Marina is another gem for anyone who loves spending time on the water and/or bringing their own accommodations the the Eau.  Great sites and slips and a pool for guests who aren’t interested in hitting the beach. The Ship's Store for all your boating needs and toys. Oh – and an LCBO location for all your vacation libations.  Open later than anywhere else, with cold storage and a great selection – can’t beat that.

The Eau Co is a favourite in our house. So popular in fact that I think someone has stolen my hoodie – (pictured below in case you found it! - I know it is probably just misplaced somewhere in our chaos).  Keiran didn’t go far in the summer without her floral bucket hat – and we can’t wait to see what they release next.  Please help support business owners like Kate and Maggie – they represent Erieau and the area well and are helping to advocate for the future.  With each purchase The Eau Co contributes to ‘Friends of the Bay’, an organization that supports water conservation projects to help preserve the health of the Bay❤ 

Erie-O Motel and Marina

New owners Paul and Bridget loved their visits to Erieau so much they found a way to stay!  Check out all they have to offer with this beautiful location on Rondeau Bay!  Boat slips, single room accommodations to full suites/cottages.

The Erieau Yacht Club can't be forgotten! Amazing programs to get our youth out on the water and enjoying the bay.  A long history and a fantastic group of people proud to be a part of such a great place.

Bayside Camp is another great location to check out that is always busy.  Great access to the bay and walking distance to everything Erieau has to offer!


Mariners Trailer Park & North Shore Cottage We have probably spent a small fortune on ice cream here over the years (and we totally have a large selection a block away in our own freezer) but it has been worth it every time.  A perfect way to cool off mid-afternoon or wrap up the evening after a perch dinner.  Honestly, make it your excuse to drive out to Erieau in the summer and go spend time at the water’s edge. Lots of accommodations for visitors here too! 

Mariners Ice Cream

You may have missed The Gift Cabin for this season but they will be open again in spring and unless you step inside you won’t realize the great selection of nautical and cottage décor, clothing items and jewelry.  Perfect to bring a gift back to a loved one, find the perfect decoration for your home or souvenir to remember your visit to Erieau.   

The Gift Cabin

Did I mention we love ice cream?? If you're down at the beach or the pier ErieView Ice Cream is your place!

Erieau Glassworks is one of the many local artisans that you can discover year round to make sure you have something special to remind you of Erieau.

Folks, Erieau is full of amazing people.  Every last one of them will gladly give you a smile and welcome you to the village and do their best to help you have a great visit.

There is no doubt that I've missed a number of the people and businesses that help make Erieau great, please feel free to tag others to our Instagram or Facebook, encourage others to visit Art on the Boulevard to view the many talented local photographers and artisans that find inspiration in and around Erieau.  We’d be grateful if you could help share and promote our business too.  We love our beautiful country from coast to coast, our lakes and waterways, especially the Great Lakes. Our hearts will always belong to Erieau and we are proud to produce Five-Eau apparel by hand for water lovers everywhere.